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Polaris Recap

Friday: Drove and drove. (Did I mention I hate idiot drivers who don't signal and do stupid things.) Arrival. We got exactly the same rooms we had last year. Dressed in costume (see userpic). Checked out the Dealers' Room. Bought books from Kenneth Tam. Checked out the gorgeous corsets (loved them last year). Tried some of the custom drinks in the bar. Wandered around while lazigyrl was at the Blastoff Party. Checked out the Costumers' Dance.

Saturday: Up early for breakfast. lazigyrl headed off for pictures. I attended some panels (the skeptics' series was great). I also had a nap (would come in handy later). Wandered, wandered, attended panels. Went back the Dealers' Room and got measured for a custom corset. (It should arrive in 2-3 months, at which time I will pay for it.) That corset made my back feel wonderful. If they weren't so expensive I would get one for work. Hell, I may still get one for work. Caught Larry Stewart on the main stage. He's a cheeky bugger and very, very entertaining. We checked out the dance and the music, though pleasant, was not suited to dancing. Who picks this stuff?. We sat in the bar for a while and discovered Romulan Ale. Went to bed shortly afterward. 4:00 am fire alarm goes off. Stuck head out the door to the hallway to be told it's a false alarm. Tried to go back to sleep as the alarm continued intermittently for an hour or so. Yes, the nap was handy.

Sunday: Rose in time to catch Paul McGillion on the main stage. He's wonderful. rusty_armour joined us at the end of Paul's talk. I went off to a panel and joined up with lazigyrl and rusty_armour at a Sherlock panel. As I haven't seen Sherlock, and lots of spoilers were present, I opted out and met them later for a writers' panel on "endings." After that panel, the three of us attended the closing ceremonies. I have to say the closing ceremonies were incredibly disappointing. Yes, they had Larry, but that was the only good thing. They announced next year's dates and location, but they omitted the "In Memoriam" section. They also didn't display the volunteers' names like in past years. It felt very rushed. With Polaris officially finished,  lazigyrl and rusty_armour and I retired to the bar where lazigyrl and I imbibed in a bit of Romulan Ale (actually Blue Lagoon). Those go down so nicely. They don't taste alcoholic at all and they are very refreshing. Just watch out when standing up. rusty_armour was stuck using transit, so left for home. lazigyrl and I retired. 3:30 am the alarms again began to sound. Again we were reassured it was a false alarm. After an hour, I went to the front desk and they were sending people to rooms in the attached Sheraton free of charge. (They couldn't do it the previous night because both hotels were full.) I got keys for both of us and we trudged over for a few hours sleep.

Monday: Drove and drove. Got home to my little monster bird being very sucky. He missed me and wouldn't let me out of his sight. I lay down for an hour and he slept beside my head on the pillow. I went to bed Monday night and couldn't sleep because I kept waiting for the &*#$ed alarm to go off. Maybe tonight will be better.

It was wonderful to finally meet [info]rusty_armour.


I split my alarm experience out from my Polaris recap. :)
The alarm experience is too integral to my Polaris experience for me to separate them.
Great recap of the con! :-) It was nice to learn more about what you and lazigyrl did on Friday and Saturday and get your impressions of Sunday. I didn't realize that the fire alarm was so bad that you had to be moved to the Sheraton! Yikes! :-( I hope you manage to catch up on all that missed sleep tonight as Monday night didn't work out. Maybe you'll even get your pillow to yourself if Brimley has recovered from his separation anxiety. ;-)
Brimley has a much safer place to sleep in the dark than on my pillow. That said, he left me alone only when hubby was in the spare room (our office) where we store Brimley's treats -- graham wafers (dipped in coffee or tea) and cashews.

I suspect Best Western would have moved us all to the Sheraton on Saturday night if both hotels hadn't been full.

How was transit going home?
How was transit going home?

Transit worked out surprisingly well for a Sunday night. I only had to wait a couple of minutes for the first bus and about ten minutes for the second one. There was even a train waiting when I reached the subway platform at Finch. :-)
Well done. It sounds like the only thing better would have been if a blue box had been waiting for you.

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