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La Ronde

My husband, stepson and I spent Wednesday at La Ronde amusement park in Montreal. We managed to get on a total of five, yes five, rides for the entire day. The lineups were crazy. If you go, spend the extra $10 and get the flash pass. If we had known about it, we certainly would have. We had planned a mid-week day on which there were no special events at the park, so we expect other days would be crazy busy.

Our favourite ride was Goliath. It has great up and down motion and you get some marvelous zero-g time. It also runs really smoothly so it is easier on the joints. It is one of the longer coaster rides I've been on. Apparently, it is a 3/4 size version of a standard Six Flags ride and it is the tallest coaster in Canada.

The stand-up coaster Cobra was hell. The harness was incredibly uncomfortable (hit the wrong spots in private areas) and the ride was jerky enough to leave all three of us with terrible headaches. My husband said he just gritted his teeth and hoped it would end quickly because it caused so much pain to his head with the jerkiness and the side-to-side motion that kept banging his ears against the harness. This comes from a man who loves all kinds of roller coasters.


I haven't been to La Ronde, but I can relate given my latest trip to Canada's Wonderland. I just about died when I went on the Top Gun and Italian Job roller coasters -- and it's not as if either of them were stand-up. However, Top Gun, like Cobra, had a lot of jerky, side-to-side motions, so my ears and head took quite a pounding. I felt dizzy for the rest of the day! Oh, and I only ended up going on a few rides too because of the long lines. Well, that and being afraid of coming across another Top Gun! *g*


I avoid Top Gun because of the head-banging. You would probably like the Fly at Wonderland. It is small; but entertaining...especially if you have a friend like lazigyrl with you. ;)

I find I enjoy water parks more than theme parks now. I really want to go back to Wild Water Kingdom in Toronto.

Re: Wonderland

Sorry I'm only getting around to this now. I ran out of time on Friday and this is the first time I've been online since. Anywaaaay, the Fly sounds like it could be fun. I know rides are usually a lot more fun if you can go on them with your friends. I'm glad you and lazigyrl had a good time. :-)

This is probably going to seem shocking, but I've never been to Wild Water Kingdom. It always looked like it would be a lot of fun and I've certainly heard great things about it. Oh, and given my most recent experience at Canada's Wonderland, I think I'd also prefer a water park over a theme park! *g*

Re: Wonderland

There is really no need to apologize for not replying immediately. Hey, I don't expect anyone to read this blog, let alone reply.

I really do recommend Wild Water Kingdom. It has lots of activities and the Lazy River doesn't require you to get off and back on. It doesn't end. Now that's what I call lazy.

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