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Brimley makes a mess

I didn't see it; but my husband was LHAO over it. 

First, the background: We keep a towel on the toilet paper in our bathroom because Brimley, my Quaker, likes to shred the toilet paper. Well, sometimes one of us forgets to put the towel back on and we end up with a little mess.

I didn't witness this; but my husband was LHAO on Monday. Hubby had forgotten to put the towel back on the toilet paper. He was totally absorbed in his computer room when he had to relieve himself. He went to the bathroom to find Brimley had grabbed the end of the toilet paper and flown into the bedroom trailing paper behind him. He had flown back to the bathroom for more. Brimley has been in nesting fever lately, so I suspect he was gathering building materials.
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