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Not a good day

I called Bell to move our home phone. Big mistake. I am not the "account holder"...it's in hubby's name. I am not calling from the home phone so they have to verify my identity. I had to tell them where hubby worked...in 1988. That's 24 years ago. I don't remember. I doubt he remembers. I understand identity verification, but that question is absurd. I finally got frustrated and told them I would just call back from home to cancel all my services and then I hung up.

I moved the damned phone three years ago without problems. It looks like Rogers is going to get my phone service in addition to cable and Internet. Way to go Bell. Keep up the bad work and you'll lose even more customers.


Who gave Bell the question list from getting "Top Secret" clearance? And why would they use them to verify a customer's identity?
They believe they are "god" and can ask whatever they want. I suppose they can ask, but I can condemn their practices by taking my dollars elsewhere and posting for all to see.

For the record, the guy at Rogers was incredibly helpful in setting up the new account with all the new services.
Bell might be losing me as well. They're doing system "upgrades" on my building, which means I haven't had a working phone or internet connection since Monday. In fact, I believe most of the building has lost their landlines. I'm not sure about other tenants, but I just about hit the roof when I found a pamphlet on Bell package upgrades stuck in my door. Anywaaaaay, I've had to call both my super and Bell technical support to try to sort out the problem. Tonight, I've got to leave work 15 minutes early in the hope of getting home by 5:30 to meet with the technician. The problem couldn't be fixed from outside, so he's got to have access to my unit. Even with a booked appointment, I'm not feeling very optimistic. However, if I can't watch Sherlock on Sunday night, heads will roll...

Sorry about the rant. Just wanted you to know that I definitely understand and sympathize!
No phone for that long is dangerous. What about people who may have a medical emergency?

This is one of the problems with large corporations. They implement policies to make their lives easier without considering the lives of their customers. They forget that they are dependent on us for survival. Seems kinda like biting the hand that feeds them.

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