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Picked up the keys to the new place today. We walked in and both thought it seemed smaller than we remembered from the walk through. Maybe it will feel larger when we have furniture in it. The paint job sucks, but the floors are decent. We'll see how long I can live with a messy paint job before my OCPD kicks in. Good news is that we will get two parking spaces in front of our new place.

Tomorrow is massive packing day and Sunday is moving day.


Yay for the keys to your new place! :-D I seem to remember thinking that my apartment looked small(er) before I put furniture in, so I hope it will be the same for you. Great news about the decent floors and those two parking spaces. I hope the move goes well.
Thank you, Rusty, for the kind words. I'm sure it will look different (better?) when we've got our own stuff in there.
Furniture can do that, make a place look bigger. There is that panic I think where you worry about things fitting in there now that you have to move things in there.

I've learnt to ignore bad paint job since I so can't handle being somewhere freshly painted. The lesser of two evils, the bad paint job. Plus whenever I have a good paint job (like a new carpet) bad things happen to me resulting in it needing to be redone. Bad paint jobs doesn't have the same results. :)

Hope the move itself goes smoothly. At least the weather is a little better today.

Edited at 2012-01-28 03:16 pm (UTC)
I'm not worried about the furniture fitting because our furniture already fits into a smaller space.

The paint job is really bad. I'm just hoping that adding furniture and curtains will make it less noticable.

The basement isn't as usable as I had hoped. I may not be able to use it as a sewing room. There is only a single power outlet and hubby will use it for a few computers.

Mostly, we were both struck by how short (depth-wise) the house is. It's only 22 feet from front door to back in a straight line with no walls between. That's good for feng shui, but a little disconcerting on first walking in.

Thanks for the good wishes for the move.

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