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We're here. We moved almost everything on Sunday, but we ran out of boxes and room in the truck. Monday I spent twelve hours packing up the remainder and cleaning the old place top to bottom. Yesterday I could barely move. My back was in excrutiating pain that even Tylenol 3 wasn't easing. I had a lot to do, but I couldn't do most of it. Brimley was happy because I was home and not moving around much. I was intending to install curtain rods and curtains, but I couldn't find my cordless drill. It was probably good that I didn't have it. Seriously, my calves, legs, and back couldn't take much more. All I did was empty a suitcase and put the clothes in my dresser. That was enough to have me breathing like in childbirth in an attempt to control the pain.

The good news is that it is quiet here. That was my biggest fear...and hubby's biggest fear. This place feels comfortable and will likely be comfortable once we get everything put away and settled. Our parking spots are side-by-side right in front of our house. That makes things easier. Yup, I think this could be a good move. I'm looking forward to being close to things again; I felt very isolated in the small town where everything I wanted to do was a least a half-hour drive away.

In general, Brimley's not too happy because there aren't any curtain rods for him to perch on. He won't let us out of his sight. He hasn't quite realized this is his new home and that we aren't just dropping him off here. He is getting comfortable enough to start talking again, so I think he'll be fine.

I found my drill this morning so curtains will be going up as soon as I can guy anchors and screws.

While still in pain, it is much less than it was yesterday.


I'm sorry you were in so much pain yesterday -- and still experiencing pain today. I hope it goes away soon and you can do all the things you need to do. I also hope that Brimley is happier once he has his curtain rods.

It's great that everything seems quiet in your new neighbourhood and that you're satisfied with your parking spaces. Being closer to things is definitely a plus as well. :-)
Thanks, Rusty. I was most concerned about noise because it is the one thing hubby cannot (will not) tolerate. (Unhappy hubby makes unhappy household and he would blame me for getting him into a bad situation.)

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing friends and family and movies more often...just not until we get a little more settled.

Brimley seems to be starting to settle in. He was more chatty this morning. That's a sign that he's less stressed.
You are crazy... you know that right (don't care what your doctor said). The point of the move wasn't tio kill yourself with pain.

I am looking very much forward to you being around in the city so knock off hurting yourself.
I'm an overachiever in the pain department.

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