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Sheldon Not Insane

Settling In

We are starting to settle into our new home. I finally got curtains up so we aren't living in a fish bowl any more. I still haven't put everything away in the kitchen (or any other room for that matter). There are boxes and various furniture pieces everywhere in the house. We've made changes to where we want to put some things (like the bookshelves are going in the living room instead of the basement) so we have to wait for my back to heal a bit more before we try to move things. I seem to have caught a cold so that will delay activities a bit longer too.

Hubby has set up all his computers on top of my desk so I have no computer at home. He hasn't helped put anything away beyond his own items. He rummaged into the bottom of a packing box to find a spoon but didn't bother to put the cutlery tray in a drawer. He packed and unpacked only his personal items and left all shared items for me to deal with. He did not help install curtain rods or hang curtains. I have shelled out about $600 on curtains and rods without help from him. I spent 12 hours cleaning the old place (and killing my back). I feel like he is punishing me for wanting to move. He was helpful with moving things on moving day, but that seems to be the extent of his efforts.


Passive agressive does run in his family...
I don't think it's deliberate, but he did learn from the best.
Probably not deliberate.
While I'm happy to hear that you're settling into your new home, I'm sorry that your hubby is being deliberately unhelpful. It sounds like the kind of stunt my dad would pull on my mom. I wish I had some good advice to give you. I mean, I'd suggest talking to your husband about what he's done to you through his selfishness, but I think it would probably lead to an argument. Of course, if you have an argument it might clear the air and get some results, but you'd have to deal with all that negativity first, unfortunately.

Hope things get better soon.
I don't think his actions/inactions are deliberate. I think he's just oblivious.

He did say he was surprised that I had been able to install seven curtain rods and curtains in the same amount of time it took him to install a couple of angle brackets to keep his desk from falling apart.

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