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Brimley visits the vet

Brimley went to the vet yesterday for a checkup and to get his talons (pedicure) and beak (facial) trimmed/cleaned up. He was very cooperative, as long as I was holding him and not the vet. The vet was quite surprised at his cooperativeness. She was also impressed with his healthiness because he is on a human diet. We don't give him the pellet diet she thinks he should be on because he won't eat what we won't eat. He lives on a varied diet of beans, peas, corn, chicken, pork, bagel, banana, tomato, coffee, tea, ice cream...you name it. He does not get avocado which the vet specifically said he should not get. Also, she said to limit the number of grapes he gets. He tried one; but didn't like it, so he is self-limiting.

I am very happy that he is healthy and well-adjusted.
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