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Brimley visits the vet

Brimley went to the vet yesterday for a checkup and to get his talons (pedicure) and beak (facial) trimmed/cleaned up. He was very cooperative, as long as I was holding him and not the vet. The vet was quite surprised at his cooperativeness. She was also impressed with his healthiness because he is on a human diet. We don't give him the pellet diet she thinks he should be on because he won't eat what we won't eat. He lives on a varied diet of beans, peas, corn, chicken, pork, bagel, banana, tomato, coffee, tea, ice cream...you name it. He does not get avocado which the vet specifically said he should not get. Also, she said to limit the number of grapes he gets. He tried one; but didn't like it, so he is self-limiting.

I am very happy that he is healthy and well-adjusted.


It sounds like Brimley was surprisingly well-behaved at the vet! Of course, I'm used to dealing with cats and they usually put up a fight. *g* Anyway, I'm glad that Brimley's in good health. I'm sure the lack of avocado and his refusal to eat grapes helps. Wow. I don't think I've ever heard of a bird that likes tea and coffee!

Brimley's diet

Oh yeah, he stands and impatiently watches the coffee maker. He also steals my tea bag before I pour water on it. I used to think he just liked tearing it apart; but he actually likes to eat the tea leaves. They won't do him any harm, so I let him.

He loves to sit with "daddy" in the morning. Daddy gives him a piece of bagel and holds his coffee cup so Brimley can take a bite of bagel and dip it in the coffee. He likes his food on the soggy side. He loves this particular ritual and can do it for up to an hour (if "daddy" can stay with him that long).

He also drinks pop from the can. He tries wine whenever I have a glass; but he takes one sip and goes away. I think it is too tart for him. He'll try almost anything once with the notable exception of the pellets the vet thinks he should be eating.

Re: Brimley's diet

Wow. Brimley is a frighteningly clever bird! I bet if you were to film him partaking in his morning ritual with Daddy, you could put the vid on YouTube and get tons of hits -- like that cat that plays the piano! *g*

Well, Brimley's human diet doesn't seem to be hurting him, so why not? Life's too short not to have some pleasures, like bagels dipped in coffee.

Re: Brimley's diet

I'm sure nobody would want to watch him for the 30 minutes it takes to eat it. I also don't have the video equipment. Yup, I'm a luddite.

Yes, he is incredibly intelligent and spoiled. Tonight he had green beens and pork. I have a cup of tea with me, so he'll probably partake once it cools enough.

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