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Six years ago

Six year ago tonight, hubby and I went to see The Guess Who and Joe Cocker at the then Corel Centre. When we got home, there were messages on my answering system. My Dad had fought multiple sclerosis for almost forty years, and had finally succumbed to pneumonia and passed away at the age of 72. As the MS had started to attack his brain, his passing was a blessing.

So, this marks the anniversary of the milestone from a very bad year. A week later, our favourite pet bird died. Another week after that and two planes flew into the World Trade Center towers. A couple of months later, I was laid off when the ramifications of the tech bubble bursting hit the company for which I worked. 2001 was not a banner year for me.


I'm sorry about your dad's passing. It's nice that you continue to observe the anniversary, though I'm guessing it's something you couldn't forget even if you wanted to. With the death of your favourite pet bird and 9/11 added to the package, I'm not surprised that 2001 wasn't a banner year. I hope the years since then have been better for you.

Thank you for your hopes and wishes

Yes, the last few years have been better. There are still problems (like my Mom combatting cancer again - she's better now); but I cope better than I did when so many things cropped up at the same time. I'm on a much more even keel despite the ups and downs of running my own business. My husband has been very supportive through it all. Having his own business, he understands the "bipolarness" of running a business.

Re: Thank you for your hopes and wishes

I'm glad that the last few years have been better. It's great news that your mom is doing better after battling cancer! :-) Anyway, it's good to know that you're on a more even keel despite the ups and downs of running your own business. I'm sure you must appreciate your husband's support, especially when a lot of things do crop up at once.


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