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The new sofa arrived yesterday. I rearranged the living room and dining room to make space for it. (Had to move three full bookshelves from the living room to the dining room. Maybe I have too many books.)

Hubby went home early so I didn't get to watch his first reaction. I did, however, insist he phone me as soon as he got home. He likes it and is amazed at how little I paid for it. It is kinda weird moving from having only a love seat to an eight foot long sofa; I feel like we're in different postal codes. Still, it is nice to not have him bump my arm when I'm trying to make maille.

When asked if he liked it he replied that, when it comes to home, he's happy if I'm happy. Either he doesn't give a sh!t or he is easy to please. I think it's a little of each.
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