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head desk


Another night of insomnia...too hot, too hungry, too uncomfortable, just couldn't sleep....

At least I got a lot of school work done.


I'm sorry about the insomnia. I haven't been getting as much sleep myself because I've been stressed out about work, though everything should be okay if I can make it through the week. Well, at least in your case, you got a lot of school work done, though I know you would have preferred sleep. Hope tonight is better. :-)

Is everything okay at work? Do you need to talk about it? PM me if you want to.
Yeah, it's fine. I'm just a bit stressed out because I have to cover for a colleague this week. I shouldn't complain because I did receive training and I've got instructions to follow for practically everything. Yesterday was just a bit overwhelming with everything that had to be done. Oh, and, naturally, I was hormonal on top of it. In any case, today has been a lot better. Not nearly as stressful. I don't want to jinx it, but I think I might just make it through the rest of the week. *g*

Thanks for offering to be my shoulder. That was very kind of you. :-D
That's what friends are for.

BTW, Lori and I spoke and your attending Polaris has made us a lot more interested in attending. Can't wait to see you again.
That's so sweet of both of you! :-D Well, I never would have gone last year if it hadn't been for you guys -- and the same goes for this year as well! I'm really looking forward to seeing the two of you again!
Want to do mine next? I was reading some OHIP last night and realized that the SOB and Lecture Notes were all the way across the room on my desk, so I stopped. Tonight Practice exercises.
Oh no, you get to do the OHIP on your own. I think you'll actually enjoy it after the Dental Terminology. I got Assignments 1 and 2 done.

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