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No Meat, but it was an adventure

lazigyrl and I went to North Bay to see a Meat Loaf concert this weekend.

The trip up Friday night was mostly uneventful, except for the delay in getting around a bad accident by Renfrew. We were thankful for not being the ones in the accident. We pulled into the motel parking lot to find no decent parking spaces so I parallel parked better than I have in years. Yup, it was dark and I was parking between dark coloured cars. Didn't hit anything and ended up perfectly centered in the space. It sounds silly but I am proud of this. Did I mention I was not in my own car?

Saturday morning was bright and sunny. We found breakfast and wandered the streets checking out the town. The concert lineup didn't start until 7pm, so we had all day. Apparently the big industry in North Bay is second hand shops. lazigyrl bought some nice interview clothes for next to nothing, including a beautiful suede skirt. We did stop in at the local tattoo parlour where I found a gorgeous parrot tattoo I would have loved to get on my upper arm. Alas, they were booked for the day. (Hubby is happy about that.)

At 6pm, we headed over and staked out a spot close to the stage and waited. The first band (Dig Newton) played and the second band (Downchild Blue Band) started. They got about 3-4 songs into their gig when the light rain turned heavy and the wind and lightning showed up. The wind knocked one of the wires loose on the stage and we were all evacuated. Apparently, some of the sound and lighting equipment was damaged by the storm and the remainder of the concert (including Meat Loaf) was canceled.

We trudged back to our motel room in soaking wet clothing and set about drying out. The storm did not abate, but seemed to get worse through the night so canceling was probably a wise thing to do. Some time in the wee hours, we heard terrible rumbles and the room shook. I looked at lazigyrl and said something about alien abduction. Turns out we had three Harleys park directly in front of our room. Sunday was less of an adventure. It was really difficult to find a Tim Horton's between North Bay and Petawawa. (Franchise opportunity!!!!) There were several Country Styles, but I wanted my chai.

Overall, the weekend was enjoyable, even without seeing Meat Loaf. I spent way too much money on four t-shirts, but hey, he's the only celebrity I follow.
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