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More cross stitch projects done

I have finished stitching three Christmas presents. I have one small one left before I can frame them all. Then, I can go back to the "big one". The "big one" probably won't get done by Christmas anyway; but the little ones gave me a sense of accomplishment that was definitely lacking. I decided to get them out of the way so I won't have a massive panic in December. November is already a write off with NaNoWriMo taking over.

I'm still undecided what to write for NaNo this year. In 2005, I wrote a romance and it turned out okay. Last year, I tried to write porn with plot (a.k.a. erotica); but I am wretched at it. Maybe I'll just write some stream of consciousness slop and pass it off as Hemingway. Every one of my English teachers who ever forced us to read Hemingway will have to read it and find all the nonexistent deeper meaning in it. Then, I would grade their essays and tell them they didn't read it deeply enough. Oh, yeah! Revenge! ROFL! Thankfully, I have two months to come up with something other than this high school revenge fantasy.



Wow! I'm impressed that a) you've even thought about Christmas yet and b) you've finished cross-stitching three presents! I don't blame you for feeling a sense of accomplishment. Of course, I think anyone who can cross-stitch (or sew at all, really) should feel a sense of accomplishment. And handmade presents have much more meaning for the giver and the receiver. :-)

It definitely sounds like you're going to busy with NaNo in November. I only had a chance to skim the website briefly, but is there a way to read what's been written in previous years? I'd be interested in reading what you wrote in 2005 and 2006. A stream of consciousness piece certainly sounds interesting. I hope the writing works out if you choose that route.

Thank you

Thank you for your comment. Just fifteen minutes ago I finished the fourth Christmas present. Now I can return to the "big one".

As for NaNo, I plan to post my works on a second LJ. I'll friend you from it when I begin posting. There are writings on several topics that will go up there. They range from religious to porn, so just about anything is game.

Re: Thank you

And congratulations on finishing up your fourth Christmas present! I can only imagine what the "big one" must be like!

If you could friend me from your second LJ when the time comes, that would be great! I'd really be interested in seeing what you've written!

Re: Thank you

You might regret that request when you've read some of it; but I'll happily friend you.

Reading material

I friended you from my "literary" LJ. I put literary in quotation marks because calling what I'm posting literature is a real stretch.

I hope you enjoy it. I'll post more as time goes on. I don't want to put it all up there at once.

Re: Reading material

Sorry you're only hearing from me now. I friended you back and I'm going to take a quick look at your "literary" LJ. If I don't get a chance to comment today, I'll comment soon.

Thanks for friending me at your new LJ! :-)

Re: Reading material

Don't worry about delayed comments. I don't expect people to drop everything when I come on line. I mean, we all have hectic lives.

Besides, my writing is posted for people's entertainment. I am not looking for editors etc. Mostly, I just want people to enjoy what I've written. I have no aspirations of becoming a mainstream author. I would hate to have to do the rewrites and publicity tours. Ack!

So, take your time and enjoy. If you enjoy it, tell friends so they can enjoy it too. If you don't enjoy it, you can always either unfriend that LJ or just ignore it. That's all I ask.

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