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Wenches' Wino Weekend

Back from my Wenches' Wino Weekend. It was enjoyable (mostly – the beds were very hard). I tasted so many wines on Saturday that I was rather tipsy. Thankfully, I was not driving.
Three of us wore Sens jerseys at the festival and got lots of people asking us the score. We had no way of knowing until the game was over and I called my niece for an update. Her response was, "We're going for the Cup, Baby." The four of us said that every time someone asked if we had heard the score. By the time we left Prince Edward County, a lot of other people were repeating it.
On Sunday we traveled through the county and stopped at every winery listed on the map. I bought 15 bottles of wine and a 4-pack of apple cider.
We stayed in Trenton. We got there early, so Julie, my sister, drove us around to show all the places they remembered. Mom grew up in Trenton and showed the houses she had lived in and where her grandfather’s store was. Julie and I each had vague recollections of Grandma’s last house. We drove up and down several streets and were prepared to give up the search when Julie found one more street. We got to the T intersection and both of us exclaimed, “That’s it” at exactly the same moment. We had each remembered different things; but they all came together. I haven’t been there since I was under ten years old.
I saw the house where I was conceived. It was almost exactly the same floor plan as the house I grew up in. I met my cousin Dennis (my mother’s brother’s son). Apparently, I had met him when I was really young, but I don’t remember him at all.
I’m sure my friend (lazigyrl) was bored to tears with this part of the trip. It was all family stuff.
I’ve suggested to my husband that we take a trip to the county for our anniversary. They have a artist/studio tour for our anniversary weekend. Let’s hope we can manage it.



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