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Mom update

I took Mom to an appointment on Monday and left her there. She was scheduled for the first appointment in getting a geriatric assessment done. This assessment was initiated so we, the family, would know what she needs and so she can get some home care coming in to help.

Well, this was the introduction appointment that would start the ball rolling; unfortunately, she developed a problem right there while we were waiting. The doctor admitted her for at least a week and the assessment will be done in hospital instead of through multiple appointments. She was rather ticked about not going home until I told her this will get the assessment done more quickly so she can get settled more comfortably at home. I hope that wasn't a lie and that they do not determine she needs to be in a home. That's her biggest fear.

On a positive note, hospitals are interesting places to people watch, especially when we were hours in the emergency department hallway. Lots of interesting people to watch. One of the paramedics looked just like a very young David Hewlett. Yup, eye candy.
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