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Goodbye Kevin

I came home to work on transcription this afternoon. The paramedics, fire department, and police department arrived shortly thereafter. They bypassed my house and proceeded next door. My next door neighbour, Kevin, apparently passed on some time ago and was discovered today.

I did not know him well, but he was reasonably pleasant and quiet, other than yelling "F you" periodically from inside his unit. This did not bother us much because we are more concerned with loud music than a bit of Tourette's.  I had not heard him yelling for the past few weeks and had not thought to check up on him. It looks like I should have.


I'm so sorry about Kevin. It wasn't your responsibility to check on him, so please don't feel guilty about what happened. Even if you had checked on him, it wouldn't have changed anything. I hope Kevin is at peace now. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
Thank you. I still feel I could at least have caused him to be found sooner. I should have noticed the verbal outbursts were missing.
*hug* That happened here about two years ago, and it was really, really disturbing. I saw papers outside her flat, though I'm not sure if I ever encountered her; I feel that I did. Turns out she'd been dead for two weeks when neighbours called the cops on Thanksgiving weekend. It was pretty awful.
Thank you. It is pretty awful. It seems Kevin had been gone for well over a month. If we hadn't had a sewer pipe problem recently, I may have investigated the smell more thoroughly and he might have been found sooner.
Sorry to hear about that. It's always sad when someone takes so long to be found, no one close enough to miss them quickly enough. Living alone, I have wondered if that will end up me some day.
That's one of the reasons I like to see you pop up on Messenger even if your computer doesn't let you stay online. I also know who to contact if I can't reach you. (You've been warned.)

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