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Admiral Ackbar says, "It's a rant."

I had to deal with Rogers today...not for the first time. Because of the move, some mail has gone astray and our Rogers bill ended up overdue and went to internal collections. I paid it through my online banking and called them simply to inform them of the payment. Well, apparently the Collections Department couldn't deal with me because my birth date was incorrect. I have known my birth date for around 50 years and it hasn't changed in all that time. I got transferred to Customer Service to start all over again. She had to verify my identity with my driver's license, which I complained about because I don't like to give that out over the phone, especially when I've been transferred from the person I initially called. Lo and behold, my driver's license number is incorrect according to their system. Meanwhile, I am having trouble speaking because I was recently diagnosed with asthma and cannot catch my breath and as I get more annoyed I have more trouble speaking. Finally, she checks with a supervisor and updates my date of birth, all so I can tell them I have made a payment. Yup, that's all I wanted to do and it took 15 frustrating minutes.

As for my claim of incompetence on their part, this is not the first time I've had issues with Rogers. (1) When we moved 5-1/2 years ago the installer arrived an hour before the appointment time and entered that there was no one home and left. He did not return at the appointed time. (I took time off work and made sure to be home half an hour before the appointment time. I waited the appointment window of 4 hours before I called to be told he was early and then buggered off.) He did not show up for the rescheduled appointment (that fell on our anniversary so I had to wait around for him rather than spend a nice evening with my husband) as he had a family emergency...a phone call would have been nice. He finally showed up a week after the initially scheduled appointment after we had missed the season premiers for most of the shows we watched at the time (before on demand was common). (2) This most recent move had the installer go to the wrong house and not bother to call me to find out where he should be. This, in spite of my having completed the paperwork myself with the correct address printed clearly (someone had entered 22 into their computer instead of 227A as verified on the original form). It took 2 more days to get a rescheduled appointment. This meant I could not work because my job requires access to the Internet. I don't work, I don't get paid.

I can forgive a single foul up, but this is getting ridiculous. Unfortunately, I have not had better service from the alternative companies so there is not much I can do about it.

Thus ends my latest Rogers rant.
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