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Hot enough for ya?

We finally installed the air conditioners today and promptly blew the circuit. (Two ACs and multiple computers is just too much. Some computers will have to be powered down during hot spells.) Thankfully, this house has reasonably good insulation so the AC isn't as necessary as in some places we've lived. There was no need to buy any new ACs as the two we already own fit perfectly at opposite ends of the upper level and they should be enough for the cold air to pour down the stairs to keep the main floor cool. The basement is already nicely cool and dry as we have been running a dehumidifier for a few weeks. Yes, I think this was a good choice for a place to live, even hubby is starting to say nice things about this place.


You know it's hot when you blow a circuit with your air conditioners... *g* I'm sorry using the two ACs will mean powering down some of the computers, but it's great to know that, in every other respect, the ACs are working out well in your new place. You and the hubby want to be comfortable this summer. :-) BTW, I'm glad your hubby has started saying nice things about the new place. Maybe he's finally settling in.
We expected the AC to blow the circuit because we have way too many computers. Some have now been moved to the basement. In the old house we blew the circuit with one AC unit.

Yes, hubby is finally feeling like this is not a bad place to live. It helps that the neighbors have been super quiet since "the incident" (previously posted).

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