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We made it! It is our 25th anniversary today.

We had a lovely weekend just spending time with each other. We didn't really do anything special for ourselves. We visited a friend in the hospital, went shopping for jeans and construction boots for hubby (and hit a really good sale we didn't know about), and attended a birthday gathering for a friend. At home, we played Ticket to Ride (2 games and we each won one, how very egalitarian).

It is strange, but previously I had two feelings: that we had been together for a long time and that we were just newly together (even after several years). Now, I cannot remember what life was really like before being with hubby.

We were not supposed to exchange gifts, but I bought hubby a cross stitch kit of his choice and he chose a sailing ship (the two years to actually do the work is the real gift and I still have to finish the ancient map I had already started for him, so it will be at least 3-4 years before he gets it).

Size: 23.5" x 15.75" about 72,000 stitches

Saturday, when we were visiting our friend, Bill, in the hospital, hubby put down a hefty deposit with Brenda, Bill's wife to buy me a katana. I've narrowed it to two, but I have to speak with my sensei to help with the final decision. The price really narrowed the decision down as most are well over $1,000.
Practical XL Katana
Practical XL Light Katana
Which begs a little explanation. Why a katana?

Well, lazigyrl and I are taking a Chivalrous Sword Handling course, mostly for exercise and to get out of the house/apartment once a week. After the first class I was ready to quit (I do not learn physical things easily), but after the second class I decided I'm going to take the class again and again because there is so much to learn. I had sent hubby on this course a few years ago and he enjoyed it and now owns two rebated European swords (rebated swords are blunted, practice swords, but armour is still needed when using them). I had wanted to take the course but was afraid to until now because of bad knees and bad back. Actually, I was still afraid but chose to do it anyway.
lazigyrl was just crazy enough to join me. It's fun and surprisingly good exercise. We are studying both Japanese and the European techniques; the Japanese technique feels more natural to me. I had mentioned to hubby that "some day" I wanted to buy a katana. Hubby decided our 25th anniversary (and my birthday and probably Christmas based on the price) is a good opportunity.


Happy Anniversary! 25 years is a really impressive milestone, so CONGRATULATIONS! :-D

That cross stitch kit looks amazing, so I'm sure hubby will be very happy with his gift when it's done. Hell, I'm sure he's very happy with it now. :-)

Those katanas are gorgeous! I think whichever one you choose will serve you well! :-)

It's great that you and lazigyrl are able to take that Chivalrous Sword Handling course together. It does sound like it would be fun and good exercise. I hope it continues to work out. :-)

Thank you, from both of us. It was not always easy but we fit well and bring out the best in each other.

I'm both looking forward to and awfully frightened by the katana.

The course is a lot of fun and our instructor/sensei has a lot of fun with the two of us. He comes over specifically to help because one of us is a lefty and that changes a lot of things, but then keeps coming back because we joke with him and make him laugh. He met his significant other through the sword course; I met her just yesterday at a birthday gathering.

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