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Fun, fun, fun, NOT!

I had a nice dinner at a friend's apartment last night and was ready to crawl into bed to rest up for more hard labour at work. That's when pain hit me and hit me hard. I tried to walk it off; but finally got hubby to take me to the hospital about 3:30am. They took me in immediately. I had an apparent gall bladder attack. I don't ever want another one. They gave me some shots and Gravol before releasing me  at 7:30am. I spent the whole day in bed. Hubby went off to do the work. I am so thankful to have him. Bad gall bladder!


Yikes! That's awful! :-( I hope you're feeling better now. Are you still in any pain? Hopefully there are preventive measures you can take to avoid this happening again. I guess the only good thing (if you can see it that way) is that if it happens a second time, you'll know what it is. Well, be sure to take it easy if you can.

I'm sorry that I haven't gotten around to reading your story on your other LJ. I've actually been trying to wrap up the latest installment of my current fic, so I just didn't get around to it this weekend. I'll get to it as soon as I can. I'm really interested in reading it. :-)
Thanks for the concern. I am feeling better now; but fear eating anything at all in case it sets it off again. I just went to the doctor to get a requisition for an ultrasound. His opinion is the same as mine: if it causes a problem, get rid of it. So, there may be surgery in my future.

Take your time on your fic. I'm not taking mine down any time soon.
I'm glad you're feeling better, though I'm sorry you're afraid to eat -- not that I blame you. Hopefully the ultrasound will give you some answers. I agree with you about the surgery. If it will fix the problem, I think you should get it.

Thanks for understanding about my fic. As usual, it's taking longer than it should to finish off the latest installment. However, I'm determined to post it by Friday, so I should be able to read your story on the weekend at the latest. I might even be able to start reading it before then. :-)

Don't fret yourself, Magnolia

Read when you have time; but do not make yourself feel guilty over it. Guilt is a useless emotion. So, as a friend used to tell me, in a southern accent, "Don't fret yourself, Magnolia."

Re: Don't fret yourself, Magnolia

I'm afraid I feel guilt a little too easily. However, I'm going to try to follow your friend's advice. Somehow, it seems more effective when I imagine someone saying "Don't fret yourself, Magnolia" in a southern accent. *g*

Re: Don't fret yourself, Magnolia

We expend a lot of energy over guilt. That is energy that can be better used. So, don't fret yo'self.

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