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Yesterday I took Brimley to the vet for his semiannual checkup and he had three seizures. He had one just after he saw the vet and I got him checked out. His heart was racing, but regular, and the vet said he was okay and just to keep him calm. He seized again in the car when I was taking him home and again when I got him home. I cuddled with him for the rest of the day and hubby cuddled with him until bedtime. Brimley slept most of this time, except when he had a little food periodically, and he hasn't had a seizure since. Today he is a little subdued, but pretty much back to his normal self. The vet thinks it was a stress reaction. For now we are just watching him and loving him (he's soaking up all the attention). Hubby has been calling him Little Seizer.

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