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Seizures update

Brimley has not had any more seizures. I think it was hypothermia as I didn't wrap him up as much for the cold as I usually do because I didn't think it was that cold out. All but one of his seizures happened when he was exposed to the outdoors. Yes, I'm an idiot and it will definitely not happen again. I still don't know exactly why he had a seizure in the vet's office, but the vet thinks it was anxiety from the visit even though he has been going to the vet twice a year for 12 years and has never had anxiety before. Of course, there were a lot more birds making noise in the waiting room this time and that may have freaked him out a little.


I'm very glad to hear that Brimley hasn't had any more seizures. That must mean that the ones he suffered were due to hypothermia and anxiety.

I don't think you should feel bad for not wrapping him up as much as you normally would have if you didn't think it was that cold out. That isn't your fault. Oh, and could it be possible that Brimley has simply become more sensitive to the cold? That isn't something you could have anticipated either.
Thank you for trying to make me feel better about this.

Brimley may be more sensitive to cold because he has been plucking more feathers (another thing about which I feel guilty). He has been back to his normal self with no problems since that day so I don't think there was any lasting effect. I'm going to be that mom who sends her kid out in scarves, hats, and mittens when all the other kids are in shorts and bathing suits. ;)

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