May 21st, 2007


We're Going for the Cup, Baby

Our wonderful Ottawa Senators have reached the Stanley Cup Finals. Woo Hoo! They beat the Buffalo Sabres in overtime on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, I didn't get the opportunity to see Alfie's elegant game-winning goal. I was busy tasting wine with my Mom, my sister Julie, and my friend Lori (lazigyrl) at a festival in Picton, ON.

Three of us wore our Senators jerseys to the wine tasting (Terroir and were constantly stopped and asked if we had heard the score. One of the merchants kindly accessed the score on his cell phone (it was a 0-0 tie). Toward the end of the tasting, another participant told us it was 2-2 and heading into overtime. Heading back to the hotel, I called my husband for an update. He had been asleep and *not watching*, so didn't know the score. By then, the overtime was over and he couldn't find the score for me. I called my niece, Amanda, and she gave me the subject line for this entry, "We're going for the Cup, Baby!" Even my non-hockey watching sister hooted over that one. I called my husband back to tell him and his response was, "Okay." When I got home last night, he told me I woke him up both times. I guess his enthusiasm was still sleeping.

So, the tally for the weekend was 15 bottles of wine purchased, a four pack of cider purchased, three boxes of cookies purchased, one box of almonds purchased, one bottle of honey tarragon mustard purchased, and one division final won...priceless!

Be red
Go Sens Go
Bring home the Cup