June 1st, 2007

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Glutton for punishment?

Am I a glutton for punishment or do I really enjoy facilitating? I think it is the latter. I really like bringing people together and making people happy. So, no, I am not a glutton for punishment, even though I started a community on Live Journal. Insane maybe, but not looking for punishment.

Anyway, I started a community named JensenFamily for, you guessed it, family and friends of Lars and Benna Jensen. This was all prompted by the family reunion coming up in August and a comment from my cousin Carole about how nice it is to get to know each other before the reunion. Carole asked if she could share my email with others on the reunion mailing list. I thought it was a great idea, so I started the community.

Feel free to check it out. So far, I'm the only one who has posted anything, so be patient while other people find it.