June 4th, 2007


Stitchery Witchery

Well, that does it! Lazigyrl has managed to hook me on a stitching craft that I had not done before. (Yes, there are a few I have managed to avoid.) She now has me hooked on counted cross stitch. It is very relaxing and looks pretty. I like the feel of the floss more than the yarn used in needlepoint.

I am working on a kit of a very small and simple welcome sign with a butterfly. It is going well and I enjoy it. It is something I can work on while watching TV. (TV really doesn't hold my attention well and working on something will keep me from pigging out.)

I am looking at options for more projects. I might take one with me to work on during down times at the sci-fi convention next month and, definitely, for downtimes during the family reunion. I really hate to sit with nothing to do. I adore the fact that counted cross stitch projects are small enough to take just about anywhere.

Lori, you created a monster.


Game Four Tonight

Tonight is game four between the Ottawa Senators and the tasty Anaheim Mighty Ducks. Mmmmmm, roasted duck sounds pretty good.

Be Red

Go Sens Go

Duck hunting season is OPEN!
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