July 4th, 2007


Number Four Done, Number Five Begun

I missed posting about number four on the cross stitch projects. I started and completed it on the weekend. It is a gift for the lady who showed me the proper way to wear a sari.

I started working on number 5, also a gift. This time it is for my husband. I have both our family crests with the marriage date at the bottom. Trouble is, I spilled tea all over a bunch of the floss, so I'll have to buy a bunch of it again. At least I didn't spill on the fabric. I would cry if I had to start stitching all over again.

Look Out Toronto

I'm all packed for the weekend at Polaris (formerly Toronto Trek). We don't leave until early Friday morning; but I have already had to add to the bag a couple of things I forgot (wine being a big one).

I have three saris packed and ready to wear. Looking forward to the water park on Friday. I hope the weather cooperates this year. According to TheWeatherNetwork, there is a 30% chance of a thunder shower. Let's hope that probability drops off.