July 10th, 2007


Polaris 21

Well, We're back. And an eventful trip it was, too.

First, our 7am flight was canceled, so we had to wait around for the 8:15. That got us to the waterpark a couple of hours later than anticipated; but not too bad so far.

Then, the frame on lazigyrl's glasses broke. Not such a good thing. She can't see without them and got a nasty headache from trying to focus. We managed to glue them together back at the hotel; but they are extremely fragile.

I somehow managed to topple backwards off my tube on a tube slide. This happened very near the top of the slide. I hit my head and right shoulder when I fell off. I think everything else happened on the way down. I don't even remember the lifeguard asking if I were okay. My toe was prettly battered; but I don't think I broke it. We continued on a few other slides before leaving the park.

We got to the hotel. I can't recall if we ate dinner or bathed first. We changed into our saris and went to pre-registration. Well, we had a few panels and were both surprised to learn we were moderators. I mean, this was our first year being panelists and they made us moderators. Strange!

We checked out the dealers' room and bought the latest Kenneth Tam books (very good, by the way). I told him I wanted to come dressed as a character in his books (Andra); but didn't have time to pull together a costume. I also bought a convention tshirt. For each $20 in purchases, we got a ticket for a raffle. Lazigyrl went off to her party and I went off to my panel. All was well.

Saturday, lazigyrl had six panels. I attended most of them; but not all. I was there primarily for moral support; but she did well enough without me. She went off to get her photo taken with an actor guest and managed to get a "hall costume" award. This is the dress for which she had picked out all the fabrics and trims and which I sewed for her. We were both suitably proud of this award. Later that evening, between panels, we were approached by another person who wanted to give her another award and me an award for my sari. Being honourable, lazigyrl declined the duplicate and I gladly accepted.

Later, lazigyrl checked the message board only to discover that I had won the Friday evening draw for the Dealers Room (two DVDs, a book and a few trinkets). She won a book on CD, read by Ben Browder, in another draw.  

Saturday night, after our panels, we went to the dance and danced until 2:30. Ron Glass (Barney Miller, Firefly, Serenity) popped in for a brief visit to the dance. Erick Avari (Stargate, Stargate SG-1, Heroes) partied with the crowd until the wee hours. He danced with several of the ladies and popped in to boogie with our group for a brief interlude. Lazigyrl and I eventually fell into our respective beds totally exhausted.

All in all, it was a pleasant weekend. I haven't decided whether to attend next year; but I know Kenneth Tam is hoping to see me dressed as Andra from his Equation series of books.