July 20th, 2007


Always look on the bright side of life...

I have found a plus side to not being able to sleep (because of a nasty cough that gets worse when I'm lying down). I am getting one heck of a lot of cross stitching done.

I have also read some letters my grandmother wrote to her sister between when my grandfather was injured and until shortly after he died from the injuries. He was a fireman and fell from a ladder due to freak circumstances. He fractured his skull. He appeared to be recovering in a bed set up in the living room when he died suddenly. My grandmother was eight months pregnant when he was injured. She gave birth in their dining room with him watching from his bed. He did not live much longer; but at least he was able see all of his children before he died. My grandmother was the first widow to receive widows' benefits from the state of Rhode Island. All I can say is that Grandma was one heck of a strong woman. Her letters speak of despair; but her actions were courageous. I hope I have some of her spirit. A psychic once told me she is watching over me. Let's hope it is true.

Anyway, about the cross stitch, I have finished about one eighth of the pattern. I still have lots to go.