September 1st, 2007


More cross stitch projects done

I have finished stitching three Christmas presents. I have one small one left before I can frame them all. Then, I can go back to the "big one". The "big one" probably won't get done by Christmas anyway; but the little ones gave me a sense of accomplishment that was definitely lacking. I decided to get them out of the way so I won't have a massive panic in December. November is already a write off with NaNoWriMo taking over.

I'm still undecided what to write for NaNo this year. In 2005, I wrote a romance and it turned out okay. Last year, I tried to write porn with plot (a.k.a. erotica); but I am wretched at it. Maybe I'll just write some stream of consciousness slop and pass it off as Hemingway. Every one of my English teachers who ever forced us to read Hemingway will have to read it and find all the nonexistent deeper meaning in it. Then, I would grade their essays and tell them they didn't read it deeply enough. Oh, yeah! Revenge! ROFL! Thankfully, I have two months to come up with something other than this high school revenge fantasy.