November 12th, 2007


Day 11

I wrote most of my Day 11 word count after returning from a whirlwind trip to Toronto for a family reunion for my husband's ex-wife's mother's family. Hey, the Reba (the sitcom) has nothing on me (except I didn't meet my husband until after they had already split up).

I killed off a character. Not the one I need to kill off; but a killing nonetheless. I have two events to write before I can kill her. It might be easier to kill her if she were a rotten person; but then her suicide would never happen because she wouldn't be so altruistic if she were a witch. It will happen. It has to happen for the plot to move forward.


Thank you

 A big thank you goes out to lazigyrl for the party hat/dunce cap. The thought is appreciated. Now stop spending your money on this, the dollar went down again. If you don't stop, I'll make you change your name to crazygirl.