September 14th, 2008


Another meme

Yes, I "borrowed" this from altitudeandwine . It even seems to fit me. I'd love to be a librarian. (mmmm, books) I write a novel every November for National Novel Writing Month I have often wanted to be an architect. (I taught myself MacDraw by designing a two-bedroom bungalow and I am forever assessing commercial home plans to find way to improve them.) Oh, and I am toying with the idea of writing a play.

Your Career Personality: Idealistic, Service-Oriented, and Future-Oriented

Your Ideal Careers:

Alternative health practitioner


Environmental lawyer


Magazine editor

Museum curator



Photo journalist




Packing is proceeding. Even hubby did some. My library has been packed for almost a week; but my sewing room is giving me grief. I mean, how do I move 225 square feet of stuff into 48 square feet? The answer: put most of it in storage. Now I have the arduous task of deciding which of my beloved things will not be with me 24/7.

Oh, and I forgot to call the moving company on Friday to finalize the moving details. Drat. I MUST remember to do it tomorrow and hope they will accept my apologies.

As we are still using kitchen stuff, I'll take Wednesday off to pack the kitchen up.

Thanks so much to all of you for your encouragement. It really has helped. Here's hoping Thursday goes well.