September 23rd, 2008


Rogers Cable

Last Thursday (move day), Rogers Cable was supposed to install my cable. That would be fine. We wouldn't miss any premiers or major shows. We got a phone call that the installer had a family emergency. I can forgive that. They rescheduled for Monday evening. We will miss several shows. It was also our anniversary. Hubby had to take time off work to be there for the cable guy. We've missed a lot of shows now and spent our anniversary evening waiting for the cable guy. Again, no show. Their records claim nobody was home. That is not true. Hubby was home 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time.

I called and gave them a piece or two of my mind. I laid it on thick, especially about wasting our anniversary. They have rescheduled for Thursday morning (a full week after the original installation date). I told the lady on the phone that the cable guy had better show up or Rogers can pick up their cable box off the front lawn after I throw it off the balcony. I also said I would not pay for the week during which I have had no service. I think that's fair. She countered with a month free and various "promotional" rates that will knock the price down in different amounts over the next three months, six months and year. It still doesn't make up for the inconvenience; but it appeased me somewhat.

Considering we've moved our household and this is the only major thing to go wrong, we're doing okay.