November 2nd, 2008


Day One (and a bit)

The Write-In went well. There were five of us and I managed to get 1,991 words out of no plot or characters.

When I got home, OpenOffice wouldn't cooperate with me. I couldn't even open the program without crashing it. Strange thing. You'd think it was a Microsoft product. ;-)

And then this morning, I had to draw a map so I know the names of places and how far apart they are, etc. I also had to start keeping track of characters because I can't remember all the names properly. Oh, and Lord Marborough has become Lord Marbury because it is shorter (fewer letters to type). Maybe I can get back to writing again soon. I need to get my 2,009 words in so I can get back on track for day 2.

I now have several characters and something of an idea for a plot. Let's hope it can last for 50K words.


Day Two

4452 words so far. That is 452 words ahead of my daily goal. Unfortunately, I have to get up early for a car appointment tomorrow, so I am off to bed. I'll be taking my AlphaSmart Dana with me to the appointment. I'll grab any time I can during NaNo.

Finally, I have an idea for a plot. Now I have to make some sense of it and write down a note for each plot point. That will help me write faster from here on because I'll know where things are supposed to be heading. Of course, that doesn't, necessarily, mean they will get to that destination. Plots have a habit of morphing part way through.

Anyway, off to shower and bed.

Good luck fellow NaNo'ers.