November 3rd, 2008


The End of Day Three

Well, it is now the end of Day Three of NaNo2008. I have written 6948 words so far. That puts me 948 words ahead of my cumulative daily quota. My goal is to finish 50K in 25 days (2K per day for those who may be mathematically challenged). I have actually typed more because *eek* I let my inner editor loose and she made me delete some stuff. I have since boxed her up and sent her via parcel post to a mailbox in Outer Mongolia. I'm hoping it takes a while (27 days) before I see her again.

This is the first day that anything remotely sexual happened. Actually, it didn't happen. It was a mother/son talk before his marriage. I do; however, have plenty of shenanigans planned. Hey, I have to keep my own interest for the sake of achieving 50K words.