November 6th, 2008


NaNo Day Six

Day Six is done. I barely slept last night, so I was happy to churn out 2,260 words tonight. Now I am taking my sneezes to bed. Don't worry, the sneezes aren't illness related. They are related to the feathers flying all over the apartment from our two moulters. Oh, and Brimley has a new nest in the hutch of hubby's computer desk. He has taken over one of the cubbyholes and attacks me as soon as I walk in the room. Alas, this is also the room where I write. He doesn't attack badly (yet); but flies at me and tries to scare me away. He settles down when I let him drink my hot chocolate. For some reason he prefers it to hubby's coffee. The bird has taste.

Note to self: always enter room with hot chocolate.