November 19th, 2008


NaNo Day Nineteen

Oops, I forgot to post about Day Eighteen. It was a pitiful word count day, so there wasn't much to say.

On the Day Nineteen. I managed to write the first not-quite sex scene. Poor Marbury was not permitted to take advantage of the nubile beauties who were sent to taunt him. He knows his reward for being a good boy will more than make up for that slight loss. It was also a decent word count day with the addition of 3,280 words. I am well within striking distance of 50K. Another 3,800 words will put me over 50K; but I'll need to add about 2K to that just to make sure the word count validator on the NaNo website doesn't make me come up short. As it was, last night, it took 1,200 words from the count I get from Open Office. I will write extra for a buffer. Besides, I still have at least six more chapters, not including gratuitous sex scenes.