January 15th, 2010

NCL Sun ship

Third time's the charm

Finally! After having my passport photo rejected twice, I finally got my new passport. The panic is over.

Passport Canada rejected my first photo because a lock of hair was touching my eyebrow. It was not touching or obscuring the eye in any way. So, I went to get the photo redone and put on a headband to hold the hair back. My hair was still clearly visible as the headband was not wide or large in any way. They rejected that photo because I was wearing a "head covering" and head coverings are permitted only if it is religious. Both times, they returned my rejected applications with forms that contained check boxes of reasons for rejection. Both times, they had to write in the reasons. If the reasons had to be written in, they couldn't have been that important.

To be honest, I'm surprised they didn't reject my third photo. Applicants are not supposed to show any emotion in a photo and Hubby said I looked like I wanted to kill someone.