January 26th, 2010


3-Day Novel Contest Winner Announcement

The winners have been announced. I congratulate them on their achievements and wish them great luck. I did not have great expectations of winning because my entry was way too short, but there was always just a little bit of hope in my heart. Still, I got a lot out of the exercise. I managed to write something that didn't suck and I managed to do it in under 72 hours.

I doubt I would do it again, but it was worthwhile to prove to myself that I could do it. That, and every word I write improves my writing.
knee pain

Knee Details

Well, it's not "kneesles" or "kneemonia". Nope, I have a malaligned patella. The doctor is going to do arthroscopy and lateral release surgery to release the tendon that is keeping the patella from tracking properly. He will also clean up the cartilage behind the patella to allow it (the patella) to track more smoothly.

After having multiple doctors give me platitudes and anti-inflammatory medication, I am looking forward to finally getting this ten-year-old problem fixed. I think I mentioned in a previous post that he is the first doctor who actually asked where the pain was and noticed that it is nowhere near the bone tumour that is causing me no problems.

He could do the surgery before my trip, but we discussed it and decided to wait until afterward.

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