April 26th, 2010

knee pain

Two weeks

It has been two weeks since my knee surgery and I'm finally making some progress. I wore my construction boots for the first time today and I'm walking almost normally. My calves are aching because they haven't had to handle the weight of the boots for a while. My hips are happy that my gait is getting somewhat back to normal. I'm not walking on stairs properly yet, and I still have trouble going from sitting to standing, so my "good" knee is complaining about overuse. On a more positive note, I am not taking as many pain pills. I'm just thankful my doctor prescribed more potent ones because the Tylenol 3 I took until hubby could get my prescription filled didn't help at all.

I go back for a follow-up appointment on Wednesday. So far, I'm fairly happy with the progression of my recovery. I'll find out how the doctor feels about it on Wednesday.
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