June 28th, 2010


Oops, but not really

My literature instructor sent me an email asking my opinion on some Can Lit thing and I wrote back to say I rarely read Can Lit because I'm sick to death of man vs. nature themes. I also told her, "I don't pay much attention to a defined Canadian national identity. I count myself more a citizen of Earth. I think this comes from watching a lot of Star Trek where humans are humans regardless of origin."

My marks have been phenomenal (100% on every assignment) so far, so I was nervously awaiting the fallout from admitting I don't like Can Lit. Her response: "Your honesty is refreshing! I, too find the man vs. nature theme in Can Lit a little overdone sometimes. I watch a lot of Star Trek, too. It has led me to look for similarities among people ---and yes--- a universal view of humanity, not a nationalistic view."

I guess I don't have to worry about my opinion hurting my marks.
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