September 8th, 2010



Hubby and I spent five days on the separate attend a wedding in Sarnia. We had to take both cars so we could drive other people to the wedding who could have hitched a ride with people who actually lived in the same city they do. But, no, instead we had to drive two cars from the Quebec border to Sarnia (via Niagara) without even getting to talk to each other.

Am I bitter? Hmmmm. Yes. I am. I'll get over it, eventually.

The wedding was really short...almost a "do you?", "do you?", "I now pronounce..." I think it is the shortest ceremony I've ever attended. There were videos and games and the dance was enjoyable. I just wish DH and I had more time to be alone together. We need some "us" time to reconnect.

Oh, and it looks like I'm going to a high school class reunion in October. It's not mine. It is my mother's graduating class. They are all around 80 years old and only five of the class have died. I'll be her driver while I snoop around for their longevity secrets.

My costume arrived for next year's Polaris convention.

I also have a really bad case of bronchitis.
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