October 4th, 2010



Okay. I admit I have overextended myself. I am currently attempting three courses: Romance Writing, Medical Terminology, and Medical Keyboarding. At the moment, I am doing a half-assed job on all of them. I can flub my way through the Romance Writing because I only need to pass with 50%. I only have to do the assignments in the Keyboarding course because I already have the words per minute required to pass the course. The Medical Terminology course is proving more work than I anticipated. It is taking me about fifteen hours a week and I do not feel confident of my memorization ability. 

I debated whether to drop a course or just keep going as well as I can. If I drop a course, which one? The medical courses are toward a certificate that could earn me extra income (very badly needed). The writing course will finish my Certificate in Creative Writing so I can try to publish a novel (very desirable). I have already passed the withdrawal date for a partial refund on the courses (and money is scarce). I have another month before any withdrawal will show as an incomplete or a failure. I think I will continue to soldier on and hope things improve.

My difficulty may stem from being sick with some sort of parasitic lung infection that is making me sleep all the time. If I can get rid of that, I should have the time to devote to the courses. Note to self: call the doctor again.
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