June 20th, 2011


Forgot to post

Brimley has learned a new word and we don't know where he got it because we don't use it. Actually, it's not really a word. I'll give you the scenario.

Hubby often leaves the cupboard door open just a bit (the cupboard with glasses and cups). My wine glasses are on the top shelf. Brimley likes to get into that cupboard and push my wine glasses out because he's trying to take it over for himself. He has already broken two of my four good glasses; I put the cheap ones in front after that episode. Anyway, to keep Brimley from breaking glasses I stacked six tins of Tetley Chai (20 teabags each) in the very front. One day last week I heard the tea tins fall and Brimley said, "Uh oh." He has never said that when breaking my wine glasses. He said it again two more times when I came to check what he was doing. We don't know where he picked up this particular "word" but he's pretty damn smart.

Ack! Almost forgot

I had completely forgotten a part of my costume for Polaris. Thankfully, I was viewing photos of the character to determine what makeup I might need and saw what I almost forgot. It is now packed and waiting. The costume itself is still on a hanger because I have to put shoulder pads in it before Polaris; the tailor made the shoulders too broad.
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