April 9th, 2012


Oops, I did it again!

I was playing with my brother's dog. Bella is an old English sheepdog. My toe met her leg as we were running around and my toe broke. That's number nine. I haven't, yet, broken one of my big toes or my baby toes so some of the toes have broken more than once. This is why I tend to wear sturdy slippers around the house. I am cursed with long, thin toes.


I bought a sofa...floor model so it was inexpensive. Hubby doesn't know about it yet. He will see it in place after it is delivered on Wednesday. I have to find a reason to be away from work for a little while. I'm nervous about hubby's reaction.

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I told him about it and he was, "Meh." I hope he likes it better when he sees it in RL.
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