June 11th, 2012


Mom's Status

I got a phone call from my eldest sister this afternoon with news that my mom, who was expected to be released from the hospital today or tomorrow, had taken a bad turn. I went to visit Mom after work. She has been having difficulty breathing again and her ankles are swollen again. She is restricted to one litre of fluids per day and no salt. They have started her on diuretics. She is stabilzing, but not getting out until they can get her well stabilized.

She teared up when she mentioned that she hates making us all come out to visit her. I gave her royal what-for. I told her, "How do you think I'd feel if something happened to you and I didn't come out here?" She replied, "Like a little shit on a stick." To which I responded, "No, like a huge shit on one of those double stick popcycles." That made her laugh so the tearing up didn't turn into falling tears.

Her biggest worry is that she won't get out before the 13th when the new Dallas starts on TV. I have set my PVR for her.
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