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Calling around really helped

Yup! Making a few phone calls moved up my ultrasound from October 11 to September 17. Considering I am in pretty much constant pain from the gall bladder, those 24 days might make a very large difference. All it took was finding an ultrasound clinic that had a cancelation. Yippee! One step closer to pain eradication.


I'm really glad you were able to get the surgery moved up. I didn't realize that your gall bladder was bothering you pretty much all the time. Waiting 24 days would have been hell. It obviously pays to make some phone calls.

I hope the surgery goes well and your pain is completely eradicated. I'll definitely be thinking of you on the 17th. :-)

No surgery yet

Actually, the ultrasound is just a diagnostic test that must be done to determine if surgery is warranted. So, the 17th will be "no big deal".

The gall bladder is much less painful than it was. In fact, I usually forget about it completely until I move quickly or in a way that irritates it. Oh, and too much ice cream irritates it. :-(

Re: No surgery yet

Oh, I see. It did seem a bit soon to be scheduling the surgery when a short time ago you and your doctor were discussing whether you should have it. Well, then, I hope the ultrasound goes well, even if it isn't as big a deal. :-)

I'm glad the gall bladder isn't as painful as it was, though it still sucks that certain movements still bother you. Oh, and I think it's horrible that too much ice cream can also set it off. I'm a bit of an ice cream junkie (though I've been trying to stick to Skinny Cow sundaes), so that sounds like a nightmare to me. :-(

No ice cream = nightmare

Yes, lack of ice cream is a real nightmare; but pain and nausea are worse.

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