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Anger on behalf of a friend

I can't believe it. A friend came to pick me up for lunch. She entered my establishment and we greeted each other. Her phone rang and the company proceeded to lay her off over the phone!!!! She said she was okay with it and was expecting it; but I am incredibly angry. I recognize that she is the HR person in the local office and the company can't afford to send someone from California to do the deed; but they could have at least been honourable enough to have the local manager do it one on one, perhaps with a neutral third party in the room as witness and security (if needed).

I used to work for the same company and was laid off there in November 2001. My friend, as a junior HR person, asked to be the HR contact handling my layoff (with my manager) to help me through it. Apparently, they had to rearrange a lot of things to make that happen because I was one of two dozen people being let go at the same time; but my friend persisted and did help me through it. We have been friends for a very long time. That was the second company for which we both worked.

So, if anyone knows of any HR positions available in the Ottawa area, please let me know and I'll pass them along.
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