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And the plot thickens....

I have been giving much thought to emergency preparedness lately. This is probably because one of the two ideas competing for my attempt at writing a novel involves dealing with world economic and social collapse. I have started to read about it and, you know what, I am nowhere near prepared for anything to go wrong. I am not alone. Most people don't have a clue what is involved. Some of the questions that were listed on the various websites I've perused include:

Do you know how to sew (make and/or mend clothing, make bags for hauling produce)?

Do you know how to treat a wound without a doctor? Can you stitch up a wound? What common products can you use when your antibiotic ointment runs out?

When do you plan crops? When do you harvest them? And, how do you keep them from being consumed by pests? How do you ensure you can grow crops again when the store-bought seeds run out?

How do you ensure your food supply? Sure, you can eat out of the garden for the summer; but do you know how to safely can your produce for the winter months?

Can you kill, skin, and process the hides and meat from an animal?

Can you defend yourself, your property and your loved ones? Can you defend your food supply?

Who do you trust?

I think this novel idea is starting to beat out the quasi-romance that is competing with it. The idea is compelling and makes me want to learn more about self-sufficiency. I hope only that I have enough time before NaNoWriMo to get some good research done.

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