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And the winner is............

 The novel dealing with economic and social collapse through the eyes of a diarist/blogger has won. That's the one I'll be attempting to write during November for NaNoWriMo. I can't get it out of my head, so I might as well write it down. The quasi-romance idea has been running around for almost twenty years and I have some of the plot on paper, so it will be there when I am ready to write it.


Knock, knock

Hey you, add Kenneth Tam to your interest list, I getting tired of seeing his poor name not underlined and in blue in mine. :)

A NaNo post seemed the best place to put this.

Re: Knock, knock

Oops. I had added him in my NaNo favo[u]rite authors; but not here. That has been remedied. We are the only two people with him listed as an interest. We are a small, but dedicated, fan group. I mean, I go to Polaris just to get his latest book(s). That's my story.

The evidence is there...

We are dedicated stalkers, beelining for the table. Helpful that he sets up in the same place every time.

Re: The evidence is there...

I hope I can make it to Polaris next year. The whole moving thing has put a wrench into all my plans. I had decided to go dressed as Andra; but I'm not sure I will have time to make the costume; nor am I entirely certain I will be there.

Re: The evidence is there...

You know if you need the books and can't go...

Re: The evidence is there...

Thank you. I appreciate it.

Re: The evidence is there...

Hey, is the "screwing things up together" icon meant for the two of us? If so, should I be insulted or honoured?

Re: The evidence is there...

The answer may lie in who is Sheppard and who is McKay and which would insult you more?

Re: The evidence is there...

Actually, I don't think I'd be insulted by either of them. I like them both for different reasons.

Re: The evidence is there...

Then I guess it's not an insult...

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