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Home Sweet Home

It looks like we are going to sell our house in the spring. Busy winter ahead getting it ready.

No idea where we'll end up living yet; but change is an opportunity.


It's great that you view change as an opportunity. I'm one of those sad people who fear and fight change, so I admire someone with your courage. :-)

I hope the prep work won't be too stressful or exhausting. I would think that winter would be a good time to get the house ready as you're less likely to be tempted to go outside, etc. Good luck with everything! :-)

Change = opportunity

It took many years and lots of experience to view change as opportunity. Honestly, change (even good change) is stressful; but not all stress is bad. We've been in the same house for fourteen years. It has been a predominantly happy place to live; but it has served its purpose. It is time to prepare for the next stage in our lives.

I am rarely tempted outside in summer. All those nasty living green things send out pollen. *a-choo* Wouldn't you know that we plan to move into the country and work on self-sufficiency? That means treating pollen as a friend. Oh the irony of it all. LOL

Meant to ask this yesterday...

But got a little side tracked. Getting ready? Killing the birds? BTW, got that closet done yet?

Re: Meant to ask this yesterday...

Actually, yes, the closet is pretty much done. I just have to add six screws to make it really stable before we put clothes on it. Of course, I keep forgetting to buy the screws.

No, not killing birds; but Brimley's going to be mighty unhappy when we have to show the house.

Mostly, we are cleaning and doing whatever repairs are needed as well as purging excess crud. Then we'll probably do some painting and staging of the house.

Hubby has put me in charge of new accommodations.

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